Thursday, September 25, 2008

SWOT analysis about myself

I was equipped with the basic learning abilities:perseverance and comprehension. I have a positive learning attitude and I'm willing and able to learn diligently without supervision.I can concentrate on my own work and am unacted on other things.I can master a skill and apply it very well.
My mindshift ability is excellent.That means,when discussing an issue,I can quickly think of many other things related to it.In this way,I will have a deeper understanding of the issue.I also have a positive and active mind and the ability to crack problems.I will have all things considered before starting a project.
I have a stable personality and hign sense of responsibility.Being independent,I can adjust to a new environment very quickly.I'm self-motivated.To make things better,I will spare no effort.I am honest,kind-hearted and glad to help others.

I cannot learn new things very quickly and I'm not good at putting forward questions when learning.
I don't have strong interpersonal skills and good leadership quality.My orginazational capabilities are not very good,either.So I lack confidence.Faced with many choice,I just couldn't make the right decision quickly enough.
I haven't made a clear plan about my future so far.I'm confused how can I achieve my dream.I can't manage the time very well so that I often feel overloaded.

It is obvious that the CUHK has offered lots of opportunities for me.There are libraries to equip myself ,various lectures to broaden my horizons,many clubs to improve my orginazational capabilities and communicating abilities, together with many professors and schoolmates to help me improve myself.I can get in touch with cutting-edge technologies and be line with international norms.
Now I have to point out that everything has two-sideness,some weakness may somehow become opportunities.For instance ,as my interpersonal skills are weak,I could have more time to concretrate on my research,maybe there will be a breakthrough someday.

Perhaps language problem is my biggest threat now.The cantoness really puzzles me a lot so that I can't communicate with local students freely.My English ability also become a obstacle to me.
Communications and extensive social connections are needed to do many things in modern society.Lacking in these,I will come across many difficulties in the future.
My hesitation among various choices will cause me to lose many precious opportunites.
As I said before,some strengths may also become threats somehow.
Since I like working indepedently,I lose chances to learn others' idears at the same time.
Since I am self-motivated,sometimes I enquire myself too much and feel too overloaded.It's harmful to my health and therefore I lack good spirits to do many other tasks.

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